July 15, 2024
A Garter Belt is an Essential Item in Any Sexy Woman's Wardrobe

The garter belt originally had the function suggested by its name: to hold up stockings and prevent them from slipping down. This has been the case since the second half of the 19th century, although at that time not only women but also men wore stockings and accordingly, garter belts. Over time, men replaced these garments with socks and trousers, making stockings and garter belts exclusively women’s items.

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Do they still serve the same function as before?

No, thanks to a small modification, namely the application of silicone strips or bands, the garter belt no longer needs to hold up the stockings. However, this doesn’t mean that it has become obsolete or useless; rather, its role has transformed. Nowadays, most women buy garter belts to surprise their partner, bring a little eroticism into everyday life, or simply to feel sexy.

There’s another beautiful tradition in which this playful garment plays a big role, namely at weddings. Not only in the past, but even today, the garter belt is an indispensable part of the bridal outfit. The bridesmaid’s bouquet is competed for by the single ladies, while the garter belt is thrown by the groom and caught by one of the lucky men.

A Quintessentially Feminine Garment

There are few pieces sexier than this, especially when combined with a lacy thigh-high stocking, creating an absolutely tantalizing overall look. For the ensemble to be aesthetically pleasing and for you to feel comfortable in it, it’s important that the garter belt fits perfectly. For instance, the straps shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If either is the case, you won’t feel comfortable, which will be noticeable in your movements. Therefore, selecting the right size and wearing it correctly is crucial. The choice of underwear to pair with the garter belt and stockings is entirely up to you. A thong is known to drive men wild, but a lacy French panty can also be very effective.

Although many believe that this garment is only suitable for the bedroom, this isn’t entirely true, as it can also be worn in everyday life, for example, under a smart pencil skirt. Zsuzsi Völgyi once daringly performed on stage wearing just a garter belt, and the performance was a great success, to which the extreme outfit certainly contributed.

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