July 15, 2024
Driving an Electric Car in Nature

For those who have the opportunity to acquire their dream car in an electric version, certain aspects of their travel habits need to be adapted.

Article source: https://go-na.hu/elektromos-autoval-a-termeszetben/

While refueling a gasoline car for a long journey can be taken care of hundreds of kilometers in advance, planning a trip with an electric car involves incorporating shorter stops and seeking out locations with electric charging stations. The website EautóTöltőkábel.hu provides information on the current status of electric charging station installations, highlighting the growing need for such facilities.

Naturally, we are more inclined to opt for traveling with an electric car when we know that charging the car on the go will not be a problem. At gas stations, shops, and parking lots equipped with electric charging columns, we would like to make use of the time spent charging the car. It matters where we can find certain amenities at our travel stops.

Spending half an hour to an hour on a forest walk, visiting a landmark, dining, or shopping while our car regains its charge during our journey is easily manageable. When silently gliding through the forest in our electric car, listening to the chirping of birds and feeling proud of our environmentally conscious choice, we are more than compensated for the time spent waiting.

If we notice that a certain location desperately needs a charging station for electric cars, we can notify the authorities responsible for that public area. The feasibility of installation depends on financial backing and development intentions, as well as the location’s electrical infrastructure, about which information can be obtained from the electric network provider. This means that in smaller parking areas in nature reserves, areas outside populated regions, or in mountainous areas where it is usually deserted for most of the day, the chances of finding a charging station are very slim. This must be considered when planning the trip, but in an emergency, there is always the option to switch to gasoline mode. So, the balance definitely tilts towards electric cars even for nature trips.


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